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Getting a diagnosis of a bone tumor or soft tissue tumor (sarcoma) can be frightening.  The Orthopaedic Institute is a leader in diagnosing and treating these types of cancers. Through our multidisciplinary program with the John Theurer Cancer Center, we offer a range of treatment options and approaches.
There are only about 100-150 orthopaedic oncologists in the U.S. Within that small group, even fewer have the extensive training and experience to perform complex and difficult cases. James C. Wittig, M.D., Director of the Skin & Sarcoma Division of the John T. Theurer Cancer Center, is one of only a handful of orthopaedic oncologists in the tri-state area who is experienced in performing complicated limb-sparing surgeries (also called resection). At The Cancer Center, 95 percent of the patients we treat do not have to lose an arm or leg to cancer or a benign tumor if they undergo the limb-sparing surgery that Dr. Wittig excels in performing. Dr. Wittig also has advanced training in both vascular surgery and plastic surgery. 
He is also skilled in other techniques, including:
  • Induction (pre-surgical) chemotherapy to shrink tumors, often making surgery less extensive and reducing the chance of recurrence
  • Radiofrequency to destroy tumors by using heat energy
  • Cryosurgery to destroy tumors by freezing them
  • Epineural analgesia, which introduces pain medications into the surgical site after the tumor is removed to relieve post-operative pain  
Because of this specialized expertise, other doctors come to HackensackUMC for training. Dr. Wittig is also a co-author of the only step-by-step guide of all operative procedures in orthopedic oncology.
For more information abut Dr. Wittig and the Skin and Sarcoma Division of the John Theurer Cancer Center Click Here

Clinical Trials

As part of our ongoing commitment to clinical excellence, we participate in numerous clinical trials.
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